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About Lauren

We are entitled to our own opinions - 
not our own facts.

Lauren Jessop, is currently a contributor for The Center Square covering issues in Pennsylvania, and for NewsBreak, writing on local happenings and history. She previously wrote for Citizen Stringer News.


She lives on the east coast, is married, has two grown children, and has a need for balance, a strong sense of fairness, and digs for facts before forming an opinion. 

Billie Hall was a pen name used when she started writing, and is a combination of two of her ancestors' names - Billie, the first name of her paternal grandmother, and Hall being the last name of her 5th great grandfather, who fought in the American Revolution.

Her love and respect for history are reflected in many of her writings, and facts are always the foundation for everything she writes. 

When she’s not writing, she loves being outdoors and riding her Harley.

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