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WWII veteran to celebrate 100th birthday

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Sonic Halftrack (colorized); Photo courtesy Ghost Army Gold Medal PR Materials

A member of an elite team of World War II veterans will soon turn 100 years young, and to help him celebrate this amazing milestone, a birthday card project has been organized.

James T. Anderson, who prefers to be called Tom, was a member of a secret unit assembled during World War II whose mission it was to deceive the Germans on the battlefields of Europe about the size and location of American units. They accomplished this by using an array of inflatables such as tanks, jeeps, and planes, among other things.

The Ghost Army” is credited for saving thousands of American lives, and for their efforts, surviving members will soon be awarded Congressional Medals of Honor.

This secret force, officially known as the 23rd Headquarters Special Troops, was activated in January 1944, and their mission kept a secret for over 50 years until it was declassified in 1996.

This special birthday salute is being organized by the Ghost Army Legacy Project, a nonprofit dedicated to honoring and preserving the legacy of the men who served on this extraordinary team.

Tom Anderson served in the 406th Combat Engineers, the security and heavy equipment arm of the 23rd.

According to Tom, he landed in Normandy the day after D-Day where his first assignment was to drive a heavy truck towing a bulldozer. Later on, he operated the bulldozer to simulate tank tracks for the inflatable tanks.

After receiving wounds from shrapnel, Tom suffered frostbite in his feet during the Battle of the Bulge.

WWII Ghost Army veteran, Tom Anderson, as a young man; Photo courtesy Ghost Army Legacy Project

He currently lives at home in Delaware, still drives, and has lunch every day at a local senior center.

Tom Anderson, WWII Ghost Army veteran, with Delaware Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long, 2022; Photo courtesy Ghost Army Legacy Project

Tom turns 100 on February 2, and Rick Beyer, President of the Ghost Army Legacy Project, would like him to know how many people are thinking of him and appreciate his service. What better opportunity to do that, than for his 100th birthday?

You may send birthday greetings and good wishes to Tom at:

(Address was shared with permission and at the request of Tom's family. This information was removed after February 2, 2023.)

Happy Birthday Tom! God bless you and thank you for your service!

For more information:

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